At some churches, you can count on a friendly handshake at the door, a smile at the coffee bar, and the option to hide on the back row the rest of the morning. At West Hills, you’ll definitely get the handshake and smile (…and coffee!). But we want to get to know you too much to let you hide.


“Why West Hills?” – That’s a great question. Here are just a few of the distinctives that make West Hills uniquely who we are:

“Smallest Big Church” (or “Biggest Small Church”) – This is one of the most common descriptors you’ll hear about us if you ask West Hillians. Oftentimes, choosing a church can feel like a decision between the excitement and programming of a “big church” or the intimacy and connection of a “small church”. At West Hills, our people love that they truly feel a part of a family, without sacrificing excellence in ministry.

Active Involvement – Numbers don’t lie. At West Hills, three-fourths of our regular attenders are also involved in a life group. Over two-thirds actively serve on at least one ministry team. And half of those serve in multiple volunteering roles. Our people love West Hills because it’s so much more than a drive “in and out”, Sunday morning experience; it’s a place to connect with people and to live out your ministry passion.

Discipleship-driven – We believe the church’s primary job is to encourage and equip believers for ministry to a world in need (Eph. 4:11-12). We love it when people bring their non-Christian friends to church, and we are committed to proclaiming the gospel every Sunday. But we are also committed to “declaring the full counsel of God” (Acts 20:27) through expositional preaching in the Reformed theological tradition, so that believers might grow in spiritual maturity, able to do the work of ministry themselves.

Intergenerational – At West Hills, we value the church’s diversity, and you’ll find believers here of different races, nationalities, socio-economic standings, political ideologies, and faith backgrounds. But we are perhaps most diverse in the intergenerational nature of our church. One third of our church is over the age of 55, another third is under the age of 30, and the last third is in between. Our “older saints” get energized by all the young families and kids, and our “younger saints” glean wisdom from the more experienced believers. We believe God designed the church to function in just this way (1 Pet. 5:1-5), and we wouldn’t have it any other way! West Hills is a proud member of the Converge (Baptist General Conference) denomination. Click HERE for more info.


“But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine” -Titus 2:1

The apostles who wrote the New Testament spend the vast majority of their letters teaching us what constitutes “sound doctrine”. When they aren’t doing that, they are reminding us of the importance of holding fast to sound doctrine. We take these exhortations to heart at West Hills. Click HERE for a comprehensive list of our core biblical beliefs.


One of the great rally cries born out of the Reformation was “In essentials Unity, in non-essentials Liberty, in all things Charity.” At West Hills, we believe our calling to glorify God in our worship is one of those “essentials” (it’s why we were created in the first place! – Isa. 43:7, Rev. 4:11). However, how we worship (the exact way in which each individual responds in gratitude and praise to God’s gift of grace in Christ) is a “non-essential”. For that reason, here’s what you can expect to experience during worship services at West Hills:

  • Dress: You will see everything from coats with ties to jeans with tee-shirts. We aren’t all that concerned with how you look on the outside; we try and keep the focus where God does – on the heart (1 Sam. 16:7b).
  • Music: You will hear everything from timeless hymns to the best of what’s on the radio (and even some songs too cool for the radio). Are you a belt-it-out, “hand-raiser”? You’ll fit right in. More of the quiet, meditate-on-the-lyrics type? You’ll feel at home too.
  • Length: We offer two identical 75-minute services, which begin at 9:00am and 10:45am; we promise to have you out in time for lunch!

Most importantly, what you can expect to experience at West Hills is a lot of “CHARITY”. You’ll see lots of hugging and lengthy catching up between people dressed very differently. You’ll hear lots of joyful exaltation during song we sing. And we bet you’ll leave feeling blessed, personally cared for, and recharged for another week’s worth of worship




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We get it – being new at a church can feel like a LOT to take in! That’s why we designed Entry Point, a one-stop shop for you to get answers to all your questions about West Hills. Want to find out more info about a particular ministry or area you’d like to serve? How we spend your tithes and offerings? What makes West Hills different from every other church you will visit? Let’s talk! Pastor Will leads EP the first Sunday of every other month, from 12:00-2:00 pm. Contact us to save your spot (ooh, almost forgot: we’ll even feed you lunch)!

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